HCV Lottery

The waiting list for the Lexington Housing Authority's Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list is now closed.  
LHA is now in the process of reviewing all submitted pre-applications. All duplicate and incomplete pre-applications will be removed. Each household can only have one pre-application in the lottery. It will not matter on which open day you applied. It will not matter where or what device you used to apply. Every complete, unduplicated pre-application that is submitted has an equal chance in the lottery.  The Lottery Selection Results will be available on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Each complete, unduplicated pre-application will be randomly assigned a number. The applications that have been randomly assigned number 1 through 1000, will move forward to the next step in the process. This random assignment will be done by a random computer assignment.  After placing the eligible pre-applications onto the Waiting List in the order 1 - 1000, LHA will apply the preferences based on the answer to the questions on the pre-application form. This will determine the order of families on the Waiting List.

Information on who was selected for the Waiting List will be available through our Application Checker on 09/30/2015. The Application Checker is located on the Internet at:

If you have been selected for the Centre Meadows waiting list, you may call the LHA Team I Management Office at (859) 281-5087 with questions.

If you were selected, the Lexington Housing Authority will contact you by mail when your name reaches the top of the waiting list.

You will need the following information to be able to check to see if you were selected for the Waiting List:
1. Either your Social Security Number of the Confirmation number you receive after submitting your pre-application; and
2. Your date of birth.

You must enter this information exactly as it is on your pre-application.  When you enter this information into the Application Checker, you will receive a message notifying you if you have been selected or not. 

If you are selected, you will be responsible for keeping your application updated. All changes must be in writing at the LHA office.

What is a Preference?
The LHA will select families based on the following preference based on local housing needs and priorities. They are consistent with the Lexington Housing Authority’s MTW Annual Plan and Consolidated Plan that covers our jurisdiction. 
    A.    Eligible families who are displaced by LHA action receive a preference during time of relocation. 
    B.    An eligible head of household who is a veteran. The applicant head of household who is a veteran must be referred by Volunteers of America (VOA). For the purposes of determining eligibility for this preference             the term “veteran includes anyone who wore the uniform of any military forces, honorably or generally discharged. It does not include National Guard members who were never called up for service. Households             that believe they may qualify for this admissions preference should contact: Volunteers of America, 501 West 6th Street, Suite 250, Lexington, KY 40504, Phone (859) 254 3469. 
    C.    Up to 20% of the Housing Choice Vouchers shall be utilized by LHA’s Special Partners. 
    D.    Non-assisted families; applicants not living in subsidized housing. 
    E.    Applicant households with a permanent physical residence in Kentucky. 
            Eligibility for Local Residency Preference must be demonstrated by having a permanent physical residence within the jurisdictional area. Physical residence shall be defined as a domicile with a mailing address,             other than a post office box, for which the applicant can produce one or more of the following: a lease or a purchase agreement, utility bills showing the claimed residence address, or two pieces of first class                 mail addressed to a member of the applicant household at the claimed address. 
    F.    All other applicants. 

Based on the above preferences, all families in preference A will be offered housing before any families in preference B, and preference B families will be offered housing before any families in preference C.
The position of the family on the HV waiting list will be utilized to determine the sequence within the above-prescribed preferences.

Eligibility and Program Rules
A full explanation of all the eligibility requirements and program rules can be found at LHA’s HCV Administrative Plan. A summary of the requirements are listed below.
  • The HCV program utilizes privately owned rental properties which are leased to voucher holders.
  • The HCV participant Total Family Contribution will pay the greater of $150 or 30% of their adjusted income. The Housing Authority will pay the balance based on comparable and reasonable rents in the area.
  • All units must meet Housing Quality Standards
  • The landlord must be willing to participate in the program.