South Lexington Properties

Renee Christian, Manager1317 Centre ParkwayLexington, KY 40517Phone: 859.281.5087Fax: 859.273-1342
The  South Lexington Properties Management Office is located on the grounds of the Centre Meadows Apartments located in suburban south Lexington with expansive lawns that offer a park-like feel to the site. The South Lexington Properties management team maintains 302 units of public housing at various sites located primarily in the south end of Lexington and the 206-unit Centre Meadows Project-Based Voucher development.
Allante Brook (located 3600 Allante Brook Ct., off Wilson Downing (32 units)Appian (located at 3645 Appian Way) (44 units)Bainbridge  (located at 405 & 409 Bainbridge) (48 units)Camelot (located at 3771 Camelot Dr., off Wilson Downing) (36 units)Falcon Crest (located at 1101 Centre Pkwy.) (72 units)Sugar Mill  (located at 1814 Versailles Rd.) (61 units)Trent  (located at 1396 Trent - 3700 Cottle Place ) (9)